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Post Event of the 3rd Connectathon of HL7 HK FHIR® Connectathon Series 2023-2024

Third Connectathon of the HL7 Hong Kong FHIR® Connectathon Series 2023-2024 took place on May 6, 2024, at the HK Productivity Centre. The event was expertly chaired by Mr Alan Young, Chairman of HL7 HK, and Mr Pascal Tse, Vice Chairman of HL7 HK.

The event was enriched by the presence of Ms Louise Wong and Ms Austen Wong, both Health Informatics Analysts I from the Hospital Authority. Ms. Wong provided an insightful update on eHealth+, while Ms Wong delivered an informative briefing on the dataset for Problem & Procedure. Their contributions ensured that participants were updated with the latest information in the field.

We were also privileged to have Mr Michael Cheung, Systems Manager, Hospital Authority and Technical Advisor, HL7 HK, who provided professional instruction on FHIR mapping for Problem & Procedure.

The event was attended by a diverse group of professionals, including representatives from public health systems, private hospitals, IT vendors and group practices, also specialists from various fields such as clinical, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, etc. The presentations elicited enthusiastic responses, with many valuable opinions and questions raised, leading to meaningful discussions.

Follow-up meetings were conducted on Zoom, where participants had the opportunity to complete the Connectathon online practice and discuss the answers, further enhancing their understanding of the third Connectathon on the topic of “Problem & Procedure”.

Online Resources of 3rd Connectathon: